28 minutes

Co-directed by Annick Sickinghe

Years after her recovery, artist Annick notices that her illness is still affecting her. She talks with fellow survivors of childhood cancer about the mental and physical consequences, and visualises these conversations in an artistic way.

In the Right Place


29 minutes

After leading a volunteer organization at a refugee camp for three years, Bogdan returns to the mainland to start a new life. Is he able to let go of his old life?

Grandfather's Century

Interactive film

In the year 2100, a filmmaker interviews his grandfather about what happened with the climate. The viewer decides the outcome, exploring different scenarios.

Amsterdam in the Time of Corona

VR film

Spring of 2020: the coronavirus has driven people into their homes, leaving the streets of Amsterdam deserted. Like a ghost we drift—or rather, since this is the Netherlands, we cycle—through squares, bridges, and shopping alleys that were once notorious for their crowds.

The Woman Who Feared to Vanish

Drama film

14 minutes

Afraid that she will vanish if she isn’t seen by others, a woman hires a stalker to photograph her daily life.


Audiovisual installation

With Amarylis de Gryse and Tristan Visser

One by one, audience members are led into a fragile dome that feels as if it were submerged to the bottom of the ocean. They are instructed to lie down on the bed and to let the visuals, soundscapes and voice-overs wash over them.

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