One by one, audience members are led into a fragile dome that feels as if it was submerged to the bottom of the ocean. They are instructed to lie down on the bed and to let the visuals, soundscape and voice-over wash over them.

I created this audiovisual installation together with Tristan Visser and Amarylis de Gryse for Explore the North.

When the visitor enters the dome, they hear the voice of a woman and see a queen size bed. Literally, the visitor steps into her home; figuratively, they step into her head. In the world she lives in, there are two types of people: landpeople and seapeople. It becomes clear that the woman used to live with her boyfriend, who is a landperson. He left her to go back to the land. She dearly misses him and contemplates following him back to the land which is now a very unwelcome environment. The problem is that she suspects that she is a seaperson. She simply can’t choose and her thoughts go back and forth. The visitor enters the installation alone and is invited to lie down on her bed. This creates an intimacy and emotional connection with the woman. Around them, they see the interior of the structure which is made with tracing paper. Upon this, we project rippling waters and blue colours. The idea of being submerged is further emphasized by the soundtrack, which features waves, bubbles and rippling water that travels around the dome and the visitor within. The soundtrack plays in a loop and the visitor can enter at any moment and exit when they feel ready.