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After finding out that she is a clone, a woman’s life spirals out of control as she competes with her original self for the life she thought was hers.

Thriller, 13 minutes, United Kingdom

When she returns home from a run, Selene meets a person who looks exactly like her. After interrogating her boyfriend Max, she learns that she is the clone of the intruder. Max explains that while Selene was in a deep coma, he was offered a choice by the doctors in order to save her life: a process in which Selene’s body was cloned and populated with her original memories and personality.

The experimental procedure was carried out as planned, save for one issue: the original Selene woke up from her coma rather than dying off. Both Selene’s must now come to terms that they are indeed not unique; now aware that they can easily be replaced – leading them to feel betrayed by Max.

Tension rises as the three attempt to make sense of the situation they find themselves in, ultimately resulting in drastic actions being taken.



Selene - Imogen Reiter
Max - Amir Tabrizi


Written & Directed by Sam Van Zoest

Based on "The Original" by Andrew X. Fleming
Produced by Reece Smith
Co-Produced by Jack Allen
Director of Photography - Kevin Grossett
Composer - Johnny Moutzouris, Motif
Music Supervisor - Ben Castle
Sound Design by Alberto Sueri, Motif
Stunt Coordinator - Jamie Biddulph
Concept Artist - Derek Domnic D'Souza
Costume Designer - Jessica Bowman
Make Up Artist - Alison Elizabeth Erskine
Set Dresser - Gemma Keith
Editor - Sam Van Zoest
VFX Artist - Elías Nader
Grader - Richard N. Ch. Schindler
Castin Director / Boom Operator / DIT - Jack Allen
Casting Assistant - Hannah Robinson
First Assistant Camera - George McCaffrey
Second Assistant Camera - Richard N. Ch. Shindler
Second Assistant Camera - Stéphanie Ward
Gaffer - Stuart Anderson
Production Assistant - Chester Briscall-Harvey
Sound Mixer - Reece Smith
Body Double for Ms Reiter - Cathy Garden
First Assistant Director - Tessa Oxtoby
Script Supervisor - Ina Morken
Craft Services - Jack Allen, Reece Smith
Still Photographers - Glen Shepherd, Armen Godjamanian, Stéphanie Ward



Anatomy: Crime & Horror Film Festival: Best Actress

End of Days Film Festival: Best International Student Film

End of Days Film Festival: Best Actor Student Film


Beste Groninger Film: Best Film

Noordelijk Film Festival: Best Student Film

International Film Festival Assen: Best Northern Film

NOLA Horror Film Fest: Best Student Film


Glasgow Film Festival

Les Utopiales

Nevermore Film Festival

Black Sunday Film Festival

Little Terrors Film Festival

Loch Ness Film Festival

Spook Screen

The fascination for this script came about after a thought experiment:​

Imagine a room.

Inside that room, there awaits an exact replica of your current self. Same body, same thoughts, same emotions.

The room exists within a vacuum. Inside that vacuum, time doesn't exist. And when you leave the room, everything but your memory of it will cease to exist. Nobody will ever know you where in there.

What would you* do?

*Second-person plural.

Proxy was my graduation film. Inspired by thrillers such as Martin Scorsese's Cape Fear and Shane Carruth's Primer I set out to create a sci-fi thriller of my own. Just to try out the genre for myself, see what it is like. This resulted in a suspenseful kitchen sink drama, akin to the Black Mirror and Orphan Black series.