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An introverted millennial goes on vacation with his sister's artist group where he is challenged to push his boundaries.


On the drive to the holiday home Kathlyn reassures her little brother Jorryt. He is tense but warns his sister to mother him. When they arrive, he is quickly overwhelmed by the exuberance with which the members of the group celebrate life. Determined to give the group a chance, Jorryt soon starts to question whether he can hold his own against the manifestations of colours, cries, sexual gestures and creative excesses.



Written & Directed by Sam van Zoest
Music - Annick Sickinghe & Kathyln Wuyts, StudioMedemens
Camera by Sam van Zoest, Kathlyn Wuyts, Annick Sickinghe, Jorryt de Jong, Eva Aarts
Editing by Sam van Zoest, Tim Kaasjager, Kathlyn Wuyts, Annick Sickinghe, Wouter Maas, Thomas Maas, Eva Aarts
Sound Design - Poul Sven de Haan
Production Design - Thomas Maas



Jorryt de Jong
Kathlyn Wuyts
Annick Sickinghe
Thomas Maas
Ruben Dahmen
Tim Kaasjager
Wouter Maas
Eva Aarts
Tjalle Galama
Sean Hauser
Sam van Zoest

Kunstraad Groningen
Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds
Provincie Limburg
Kathlyn troost Jorryt
In een cirkel

Director's statement

I always wanted to make a film about my group of friends, which was formed five years ago at an arts festival. We have been best friends since then. Twice a year we go on holiday together and then we cook, jam and dance together, and push our creative boundaries. The group is very special to me because it is the first place where I totally felt like I belonged. For the first time ever, I felt like I was being wholly welcomed: my creative side, the business-serious side of me, and the slightly deranged one.


All That Could Be resulted from a failed attempt to first make a television movie about the group and then a professional short, which failed twice due to bad weather and then again due to corona. With a minimum of equipment and without a professional crew, we decided to film anyway. You can see this reflected in the credits: almost everyone in the group filmed and just as many people edited. Precisely because of the lack of a crew with unknown people, the group was able to flourish and everyone was able to put his or her talents and interests in the film. You can also see this in the film style: it has become a docudrama in which both genres constantly cross. Even to us it wasn’t always clear what was fiction and what was reality. The music was also provided by members of the group: Annick Sickinghe and Kathlyn Wuyts, who together form StudioMedemens. The film bears the same name as their debut EP, which contains songs from the film.

The story of All That Could Be is about the dark side of the group. Because in all its eccentricity, the holidays can be overwhelming and intimidating at times. This is certainly the case for newcomers. In the past it has also happened that people couldn’t handle the group. The cacophony was too much. One lesson we learned from this was that we had to take care of each other and set our own boundaries when things get too much for us. This is also what I want to say with the film: a close-knit group of friends is wonderful, but you have to give each other space for expressing feelings.